Who says dates have to be in the evening?

Our mission is to help couples and singles build meaningful relationships by crafting perfect date night experiences. Our favorite Let’s Go couple, Mitch and Lexie, help you craft these experiences by sharing theirs.

Dunn Brothers Coffee

Let’s Go Date Deal: Buy 1 drink & get 1 for equal or lesser value for FREE!

This is one of our favorites and a weekly traditions. I’ll drive Lexie to work one day a week and on the way we stop at Dunn Brothers for a morning coffee date.  It ensures we get at least one day during the week to spend an hour together without any distractions. While it is fun to hit up the town, we have quickly learned some of the best experiences can be great conversation over a cup of coffee. Plus it gets even better when we get BOGO drinks with Let’s Go!

Regular Cost              $10

Let’s Go Savings       $5

Our Cost                    $5

Link to the Let’s Go app below!