What Do Women Really Want To Do On Date Night?

When it comes to the first date, we believe most men will usually pick something simple and low pressure, such as grab drinks, but based on a survey we conducted with over 500 women from the age of 20 – 30, we believe most women would rather do something more fun, active and adventurous.

We simply asked these women what is their favorite first date activity. While grabbing drinks was the #1 activity, only 18% of women admit grabbing drinks is the best first date activity and 82% of women would rather do something else.

So whether you find your next date at the bar, on an app or at the grocery store, try one of the  Top 10 First Date Activities according to women, which hopefully can make you positively stand out and improve your chances of landing that heavily coveted…second date!

#10 Mini Golfing – Many women admitted in this survey they like competition, and there may be no better way to get the competitive juices flowing than with a game of mini-golf. Regardless of how good you are on a real golf course, most have a fighter’s chance in putt-putt.

#9 Arcade – While video games may seem nerdy, many women enjoy playing them and going to an adult arcade was the 9th favorite first date activity. Arcades are another great way to have a friendly competition, as well as get a flash back of the childhood days over a game of Mario Kart.

#8 Movie – Going to the movies is still a top first date activity among women; however, we advise planning on meeting your date before or after the movie for drinks or dinner because women constantly admitted good conversation was crucial on a first date.

#7 Bowling – Strikes or spares it really doesn’t matter, because women love bowling as a first date activity. It gets the competitive spirits going, but also a fun way to get to know each other between frames. We recommend put a little wager on each game to make the match more exciting ;).

#6 Watch Sports – The Fall, Winter and Spring are prime-time seasons for all kinds of sports, and asking your date to watch their favorite sports team in action can go a long way on a first date. While going to a fun sports bar will be exciting, we guarantee you will score major bonus points if you are able to get tickets to the game.

#5 Outside Activities – Hiking, biking or any activity outdoors came in as the #5 favorite first date activity. Depending on the weather, pick a scenic state park or touristic hiking trail, but you will probably gain some creative bonus points if you can plan a spot to stop during the adventure to refresh with a cocktail or beer.

#4 Coffee – While most assume women prefer adult beverages, our survey indicates many women prefer meeting for a cup of coffee. The setting is quieter, which allows for better conversation, and the date can occur morning, afternoon or night. We do recommend be spontaneous and find a new coffee shop your date hasn’t tried.

#3 Brewery – Many women love beer, and finding a fun brewery was the 3rd favorite first date activity. If it’s her first time at the brewery, make sure to buy a beer flight, and you may possibly earn some bonus points if the brewery has some sort of entertainment such as trivia.

#2 Dinner – Many millennial men rarely ask to go out to dinner on the first date because it seems to be too old fashion, but dinner still ranked as the #2 favorite first date activity. If you decide to go this route, we definitely recommend finding a spot your date hasn’t tried to add some excitement.

#1 Drinks – Although our survey indicates most women want to do more exciting activities than grabbing drinks on a first date, it is still not a bad option. To spice up the date, we recommend finding a bar with some sort of entertainment, such as live music or trivia. But make sure the setting is quite enough to chat, because women consistently expressed throughout our survey good conversation was the most important part of the first date.