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In 2018, we believed the world had enough apps helping people find dates, but what the world needs, is an effective solution to help people build great relationships after they meet the right person. Why? Building meaningful relationships is a challenge for many people in the U.S. given ~40% of marriages end in divorce.

Great relationships are built on common interests, and we believe sharing great experiences around your common interests builds the best relationships. Our mission is to help couples build meaningful relationships by seamlessly crafting perfect date night experiences without hard work, creativity and a large budget on their end.

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Kare 11 Let's Go interview. Need Date Night Ideas? MN-Made 'Let's Go' App Helps You Find Them

Need Date Night Ideas? MN-Made 'Let's Go' App Helps You Find Them

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Austin Bohlig



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Bryant Bohlig

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Director of Partnerships


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Mitch Bebus

Director of Partnerships


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