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Past Winners

Building a meaningful relationship takes hard work, sacrifice, and dedication to one another.  These couples have exemplified these qualities in building their relationship and deserved to be highlighted.  One thing they all have in common is making date night a priority #neverstopdating

Check out our past winners below

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Aaron & Sarah Jax

16 years ago, Aaron and Sarah’s friends had the brilliant idea to set them up via a group date night of pizza and wine by the campfire. Turns out there were two fires blazing that night  The two immediately hit it off and committed to a long-distance relationship all the way through college.  In 2008, after four years of dating they got married.  They enjoy new restaurants and any summer activity with their two children.


Recently, Sarah had a very serious medical scare and surgery. “After 16 years together it can be easy to take each other for granted but in a moment of crisis you hope the person you care most about shows their true love and care...Aaron was definitely that person for me.”


We’re happy to report Sarah is doing great!



Jack & Kathleen met their freshman year at the University of Minnesota after their friends encouraged them to meet believing they were a great fit.  Three and half years later, it's safe to assume their friends were spot on.

Whether it's a restaurant, brewery, state park, hiking trail, or even a coffee shop they love exploring and trying new things together.

August COTM (1).jpeg

Jack Schwartz & Kathleen Kini

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